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Social Media Monitoring

The online consumption of news, views and conversations through websites, social networks, blogs, Tweets etc is a new tool in the marketing mix. Its power can be harnessed by engaging consumers and strengthening the relationship with them through direct and indirect contact.

But how do you know what is being said about your brand, product or service? Savvy businesses track, across a range of social media, what is being said about them. Despite its qualitative nature the data is commonly categorised as follows:

The number of relationships/links a follower has, especially if they express strong views.

Whether or not the feedback you’re tracking positive or negative.

The amount of “buzz” created about your brand or product.

There are many tools which provide metrics based on these categories but there is also plenty of debate about their effectiveness and accuracy.

There is no doubt that social media can provide valuable insight to help you improve your customers' service experience. However, finding and then making sense of the messages can be frustrating.

At Plumsource we follow this simple three stage process to incorporate the findings into your management information system:

  • Select and set up the appropriate monitoring tool
  • Categorise feedback to identify service experience data
  • Integrate with other feedback data

And finally, it has a powerful and positive impact if the “crowd” know they are being listened to so don’t forget to build a feedback loop into the process.

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