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Our focus is to help your business improve the experience your customers have when they do business with you. We achieve this through working closely with your project stakeholders whether we are managing your projects directly or working with a partner on your behalf.

When we manage a project directly our account management will encompass these three elements:

Making sure that all timelines are met.
Monitoring the quality of data collected.

Data analysis
Reviewing findings
Perform extra analysis where necessary.
Consulting specialist analysts if required.

Ensuring reports are useful and actionable.
Providing face-to-face delivery when required.
Recommending additional options to add value.

If we are managing a project on your behalf our priority is to create a seamless link between our account management team, your project stakeholders and the third party provider:

  • We will ensure fieldwork progress targets are met
  • Quality assurance requirements will be agreed and monitored
  • Deliverables will be managed by Plumsource

Whichever is your preferred project management approach you can be assured that your project objectives will be met.

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